Episode 13: How to live in alignment with your menstrual cycle


The menstrual cycle is a lot more than just a period. Just like the moon, the cycle can be broken down into phases, or seasons, that affect how we feel. And each one has its own special rhythm. Learn how you can adjust your food, exercise, to-dos, dating, work, self-care and more to align with your cycle. And, we share a special invitation to dive deeper in Stef’s Know Your Cycle Masterclass.

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Join Stef’s Know Your Cycle Masterclass kicking off on June 1st (+ get your Flow Down Pod listener bonus).

An overview of hormones & the menstrual cycle in Episode 4 .

Study results strongly suggest a pattern of increased attractiveness during peak fertility in the menstrual cycle.

Stef’s been working out with Carolyn Banner.

A green smoothie recipe for you, on Instagram.


Our theme song is Crimson Wave, performed by Tacocat, courtesy of Hardly Art Records.

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Stefanie Kleinburd