Episode 4: How to be the boss of your PMS cravings

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When a listener asks us for advice on how to handle a voracious appetite and sugar cravings before her period, we roll up our sleeves. Stef gives us the sex ed we never had and explains how our hormones change throughout the month. Then we talk about what to eat to help tame the cravings. And we share some of our favorite pre-period treats.

Resources + Links

Chocolate orange truffles on Stefanie’s blog. Note: you can swap brazil nuts for other nuts or seeds, like walnuts, almonds or sunflower or hemp seeds, too.

Kale chips

Divine chocolate  


Our theme song is Crimson Wave, performed by Tacocat, courtesy of Hardly Art Records.

Additional sound used in Ep. 4: Ping.wav from FreeSound.org.

Jessica Weiss