Episode 10: There’s a film about periods up for an Oscar!


This week we talk to Rayka Zehtabchi, the director of the short documentary “Period. End of Sentence.” The film follows a group of women in rural India and documents what happens when a menstrual ‘pad machine’ arrives to their village. Rayka shares what it was like to witness the chipping away of centuries of period stigma that’s held women back. The idea for the pad machine and the documentary came from The Pad Project (thepadproject.org), a non-profit created by a group of teenage girls at the Oakwood School in Los Angeles. “Period. End of Sentence.” is available now on Netflix.

Resources + links

More about award winning Iranian-American film director Rayka Zehtabchi

Period. End of Sentence. nominated for an Oscar (short documentary)

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Millions Of Women In India Join Hands to Form A 385-mile Wall Of Protest on NPR

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