Episode 8: Rituals, red rites and the divine feminine with Jacqueline Rolandelli

Episode 8 Jacqueline Rolandelli

We start the year in reverence to our beautiful bleeding bodies. According to healer and shaman Jacqueline Rolandelli, our periods are not a burden − they're the key to our wisdom and our power. In this episode, we acknowledge how the patriarchy has disconnected women from their truth, and explore how to reconnect to our cycles, our wombs and Mother Earth. We hear about Jacqueline's "Red Rites" and "First Blood" ceremonies and learn rituals to practice in our own lives. Learn more about Jacqueline and her offerings at jacquelinerolandelli.com. This episode features music from our friend Kaleema. Here’s to making every day a ceremony in 2019!

Resources + links

More about Jacqueline Rolandelli

Women’s Red Rites Ceremony

“I am made in her image<3” Jacqueline’s blog post on body image

Our theme song is Crimson Wave, performed by Tacocat, courtesy of Hardly Art Records.

Additional music used in Episode 8 with permission from artist: “Nomada” by Kaleema; “Anima” by Kaleema, feat. Chancha Via Circuito.