Episode 15: Menstrual cup curious? Kim & Amanda are here to help you ‘Put A Cup In It’


We’re dedicating this episode to one of our favorite period products: menstrual cups! To be sure you have all the best cup info out there, we asked the experts to help us create a little audio guide. Kim and Amanda are self-proclaimed “Vagangelists” who run the popular resource and community Put A Cup In It. In this episode, they cover cup basics and benefits, plus best practices for how to use and care for a menstrual cup. Whether you’re thinking of trying a cup or have been using one for years, you’ll come away with new tools and insights.


[6:37] What is a menstrual cup? 

[7:17] Why use a menstrual cup?

[9:48] How to choose a menstrual cup.

[14:50] How to use a menstrual cup.

[26:18] How to care for your menstrual cup.

[30:11] A few final words of inspiration if you’re ready to get started.

Resources + links

Kim and Amanda’s site PutACupInIt.com covers all things menstrual cup related. You’ll find menstrual cup reviews, FAQs, comparison charts and their super useful “The Cup Quiz.” Plus, that 9 Great Menstrual Cup Folds video Kim mentioned.

Join the PACII chat Facebook group.

Plus stay tuned to our Instagram feed @flowdownpod for more on menstrual cups + a giveaway in the coming weeks.


Our theme song is Crimson Wave, performed by Tacocat, courtesy of Hardly Art Records.

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Stefanie Kleinburd