Episode 6: How to make self-care simple. Period.

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We admit we’ve been feeling a wee bit stretched thin lately. That’s why we’re recommitting to self-care. We explore how simple acts of R&R can aid in our menstrual cycles and overall well-being. And we give you plenty of ideas and inspiration to up your self-care game now — just in time for the holidays. Plus, we invite you to join us. Tag us in your self-care posts on Instagram @flowdownpod.

Resources + Links

Focus Time Pomodoro App for breaks throughout the day

Rose water from Found Herbal

Tara Brach

On Being Podcast

Music for relaxing with John Banrock (Stef’s brother!!): Time, It Goes and Mind of Peace

Meditations by Danielle Laporte

This 45-minute restorative movement class with Carolyn Banner

Learn more about working with Stefanie one-on-one

Our theme song is Crimson Wave, performed by Tacocat, courtesy of Hardly Art Records.

Additional music used in Episode 6: “Heartbreak Sunrise,” by John Banrock.

Jessica Weiss